light1 [līt]
[ME liht < OE lēoht, akin to Ger licht < IE base * leuk-, to shine, bright > Gr leukos, white, L lux & lumen, light, lucere, to shine, luna, moon, Welsh llug, gleam]
a) the form of electromagnetic radiation that acts upon the retina of the eye, optic nerve, etc., making sight possible: this energy is transmitted in a vacuum at a velocity of 299,792,458 meters per second (c. 186,000 miles per second)
b) a form of radiant energy similar to this, but not acting on the normal retina, as ultraviolet and infrared radiation
2. the rate of flow of light radiation with respect to the sense of sight: it is measured in lumens
3. the sensation that light stimulates in the organs of sight
4. brightness; illumination, often of a specified kind [the dim light of a candle]
5. a source of light, as the sun, a lamp, a light bulb, etc.
7. the light from the sun; daylight or dawn
8. a thing by means of which something can be started burning [a light for a cigar]
9. the means by which light is let in; window or windowpane
10. mental illumination; knowledge or information; enlightenment [to shed light on the past]
11. spiritual inspiration
12. public knowledge or view [to bring new facts to light]
13. the way in which something is seen; aspect [presented in a favorable light]
14. facial expression showing a mental or emotional state [a light of recognition in his eyes]
15. a person whose brilliant record makes him or her an example for others; outstanding figure [one of the shining lights of the school]
a) the quality suggesting light created in a painting, drawing, etc., esp. in certain areas
b) such an area
[ME liht < OE leoht]
1. having light; not dark; bright
2. pale in color; whitish; fair
not brightly; in a pale way [a light blue color]
lighted or lit, lighting [ME lighten < OE lihtan]
1. to set on fire; ignite [to light a bonfire]
2. to cause to give off light [to light a lamp]
3. to give light to; furnish with light; illuminate [lamps light the streets]
4. to brighten; animate
5. to show the way to by giving light [a beacon lights the ships to harbor]
1. to catch fire [the fuse lighted at once]
2. to be lighted; brighten: usually with up
according to one's lights
as one's opinions, information, or standards may direct
in the light of
with knowledge of; considering
light up
1. to make or become light
2. to make or become bright, cheerful, etc.
3. Informal to begin smoking (a cigar, etc.)
see the light of day or see the light
1. to come into existence
2. to come to public view
3. to understand
stand in one's own light
to harm one's reputation by acting unwisely
strike a light
to make a flame, as with a match
light2 [līt]
[ME < OE lēoht, akin to Ger leicht, Du licht < IE * lengwhto- < base * legwh-, light in movement and weight > L levis, Gr elaphros]
1. having little weight; not heavy
2. having little weight for its size; of low specific gravity
3. below the usual or defined weight [a light coin]
4. less than usual or normal in amount, extent, intensity, force, etc.; specif.,
a) striking or making contact with little force or impact [a light blow]
b) of less than the usual quantity or density [a light vote, a light rain]
c) not thick, coarse, or massive; delicate and graceful in structure [light tracery]
d) not violent or intense; mild [a light wind]
e) soft, muted, or muffled [a light sound]
f) not prolonged or intense [light applause]
g) not deep; easily disturbed [a light sleep]
5. of little importance; not serious or profound [light conversation]
6. easy to bear; not burdensome [a light tax]
7. easy to do; not difficult [light housekeeping]
8. not burdened with grief or sorrow; happy; buoyant [light spirits]
9. of a flighty nature; frivolous; capricious
10. loose in morals; wanton
11. dizzy; giddy
12. of an amusing or nonserious nature [light reading]
13. containing little alcohol [light wine]
14. containing fewer calories than others of its kind [light beer]
15. characterized by qualities suggestive of little weight; not dense, hard, full, etc.; specif.,
a) not as full as usual; moderate [a light meal]
b) easy to digest
c) well leavened; soft and spongy [a light cake]
d) loose in consistency; easily crumbled; porous [light sand]
16. moving with ease and nimbleness [light on one's feet]
17. able to carry little weight or cargo [a light vehicle]
18. unstressed or slightly stressed: said of a syllable in phonetics, prosody, etc.
19. designating or of an industry equipped with relatively light machinery and producing relatively small products
20. designating, of, or equipped with weapons, armor, ships, etc. of a relatively small size or light weight
21. Informal
a) lacking personnel; short-handed
b) owing (a specified sum) to the pot in poker [light fifty cents]
2. with little luggage, cargo, etc. [to travel light]
lighted or lit, lighting [ME lihten < OE līhtan: also aphetic for ALIGHT1]
1. Now Dial. to get down from a horse or vehicle; dismount; alight
2. to come to rest after traveling through the air [ducks lighting on the pond]
3. to come or happen (on or upon) by chance
4. to fall or strike suddenly, as a blow
light in the head
1. dizzy; giddy
2. simple; foolish
☆ light into Informal
1. to attack
2. to scold; berate
☆ light out
Informal to depart suddenly
make light of
to treat as trifling or unimportant; pay little or no attention to

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